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Gemstone Informations

We have detailed information on all the gemstone varieties we sell. Click on a gem photo to see the information page for that gem and learn about the gem's gemological properties, history and how to choose a high quality stone.


Ruby Information

Natural Burma Ruby Natural Mosambique Ruby Natural Ceylon Ruby Natural Thai Ruby
Burma Ruby Mosambique Ruby Ceylon Ruby Thai Ruby 
Natural Pigeon Blood Ruby Natural Star Ruby Natural Cabochon Ruby
Pigeon Blood Ruby Star Ruby Cabochon Ruby

Sapphire Information

Natural Blue Sapphire Natural Pink Sapphire Natural Yellow Sapphire Natural Padparadcha Sapphire
Blue Sapphire Pink Sapphire Yellow Sapphire  Padparadcha Sapphire
Natural Color Change Sapphire Natural Blue Star Sapphire Natural Honey Color Sapphire Natural Green Sapphire
Color Change Sapphire Blue Star Sapphire Honey Color Sapphire Green Sapphire
Natural Multi Color Sapphire Natural Orange Sapphire Natural Black Star Sapphire Natural Green Blue Sapphire
Multi Color Sapphire Orange Sapphire Black Star Sapphire Green Blue Sapphire
Natural Cabochon Sapphire Natural White Sapphire Natural Fancy Color Sapphire Natural Parti Sapphire
Cabochon Sapphire  White Sapphire Fancy Color Sapphire Parti Sapphire

Emerald Information

Natural Afghan Emerald Natural Zambian Emerald Natural Colombian Emerald Natural Ethiopian Emerald
 Afghan Emerald Zambian Emerald  Colombian Emerald Ethiopian Emerald
Natural Brazilian Emerald
Brazilian Emerald

Tanzanite Information



Garnet Information

Natural Rhodolite Garnet
Natural Mandarin Spessartite Garnet
Natural Tsavorite Garnet
Natural Mali Garnet
Rhodolite Garnet
Mandarin Spessartite Garnet
Tsavorite garnet
Mali Garnet
Natural Color Change Garnet
Natural Demantoid Garnet
Natural Grosullar Garnet
Natural Uvarovite Garnet
Color Change Garnet
Demantoid Garnet
Grossular Garnet
Uvarovite Garnet



Tourmaline Information

Natural Green Tourmaline Natural Blue Tourmaline Natural Green Blue Tourmaline Natural Chrome Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline Blue Tourmaline Blue Green Tourmaline  Chrome Tourmaline
Natural Pink Tourmaline Natural Rubellite Tourmaline Natural Yellow Tourmaline Natural Bi-Color Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline Rubelite Tourmaline Yellow Tourmaline Bi-Color Tourmaline
Natural Paraiba Tourmaline Natural Fancy Color Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline Fancy Color Tourmaline


Quartz Information

Natural Amethyst
Natural Ametrine Natural Citrine  Natural Cat Eye Citrine




Cat's Eye Citrine

Natural Green Quartz
Natural Chalcedony Natural Gem Silica Natural Chrysoprase

Green Quartz


Gem Silica



Beryl Information

Natural Aquamarine Natural Yellow Beryl Natural Goshenite Beryl Natural Green Beryl


Yellow Beryl

Goshenite Beryl

Green Beryl

Natural Morganite  



 Chrysoberyl Information

Natural Alexandrite Natural Cat's Eye Alexandrite Natural Chrysoberyl Natural Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
Alexandrite Cat's Eye Alexandrite  Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
Natural Vanadium Chrysoberyl
Vanadium Chrysoberyl



Zircon Information

Natural Zircon Natural Yellow Zircon Natural Red Zircon Natural White Zircon
 Blue Zircon Yellow Zircon Red Zircon White Zircon


Opal Information

Natural Opal Natural Mexican Fire Opal Natural Hyalite Opal Natural Cat's Eye Opal
 Australian / Ethiopian Opal Mexican Fire Opal Hyalite Opal Cat's Eye Opal


Topaz Information

Natural Imperial Topaz Natural Topaz
Imperial Topaz Blue Topaz



Apatite Information

Natural Apatite Natural Cat Eye Apatite
Blue Apatite  Cat's Eye Apatite


Fluorite Information

Natural Green Fluorite Yellow Fluorite Natural Color Change Fluorite Natural Multi Color Fluorite
Green Fluorite Yellow Fluorite  Color Change Fluorite Multi Color Fluorite


Other Gemstone Information 

Natural Spinel Natural Peridot
Natural Kunzite
Natural Sphalerite
Spinel Peridot Kunzite Sphalerite
Natural Sphene Natural Amblygonite Natural Astrophylite Natural Cuprite
Sphene  Amblygonite Astrophylite Cuprite
Natural Danburite Natural Eudialyte
Natural Chrome Diopside
Natural Chrome Sphene
Danburite Eudialyte Chrome Diopside Chrome Sphene
Natural Idocrase Natural Jadeite Natural Jeremejevite Natural Labradorite
Idocrase Jadeite Jade Jeremejevite Labradorite
Natural Moonstone Natural Oregon Sunstone Natural Pearl Natural Petalite
Moonstone Oregon Sunstone Pearl Petalite
Natural Pezzotaite Natural Prehnite Natural Rhodochrosite Natural Rhodonite
Pezzottaite Prehnite Rhodochrosite Rhodonite
Natural Scapolite Natural Taaffeite
Scapolite Taaffeite