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Certification of gems and jewellery

Basic Certificate of Authenticity - we supply each gemstone or jewellery with its own certificate in which we guarantee the natural origin of the gemstone (this certificate does not replace the certificate of the gemological laboratory).

Certificate of the Czech Gemological Laboratory - for an additional fee, it is possible to supply an internationally valid certificate
Czech Gemological Laboratories s.r.o. (ČGL)

There are 2 types of certificate to choose from:

Compact format - small certificate in Czech language only
A4 format - A4 size certificate in bilingual version - Czech and English

The price of the certification depends on the type and size of the gemstone.

Certificate of a foreign gemological laboratory - the gemstone has been certified abroad in a professional gemological laboratory and bears an internationally valid certificate. This certification is always indicated with the gemstone, including the name of the laboratory. This certificate is already included in the price of the gemstone. The following laboratories are the standard: IGI, GIA, AGR, ITLGR, GEMTRUE, HGTL