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Among gem enthusiasts spinel has become one of the most sought after gems in the market, with red and pink the top colors. The finest specimens come from Mahenge, Tanzania and Burma.
How much is spinel worth? The value of natural spinel can vary greatly depending on the size and quality of the gemstone.

Purple Spinel 1.62 ct
From 9.480,00 Kč
Purple Spinel 1.07 ct
From 7.560,00 Kč
Purple Spinel 0.80 ct
From 7.056,00 Kč
Dark Pink Spinel 1.79 ct
From 6.312,00 Kč
Purple Spinel 1.15 ct
From 5.400,00 Kč
Pink Spinel 1.69 ct
From 4.344,00 Kč
Pink Spinel 0.91 ct
From 3.912,00 Kč
Blue Spinel 1.06 ct
From 3.720,00 Kč
Pink Spinel 1.33 ct
From 3.552,00 Kč
Blue Spinel 0.88 ct
From 3.216,00 Kč