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Tanzanite, a rare violet-blue form of the mineral zoisite, was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. East Africa remains the only source for this gems and the supply of high grade material is limited.
How much is fine tanzanite worth? The value of natural tanzanite can vary greatly depending on the size and quality of the gemstone. 

Tanzanite - 150.26 ct
From 4.566.600,00 Kč
Tanzanite - 75.62 ct
From 2.331.888,00 Kč
Tanzanite - 70.24 ct
From 2.159.520,00 Kč
Tanzanite - 46.71 ct
From 1.437.600,00 Kč
Tanzanite Pair - 40.00 ct
From 1.229.280,00 Kč
Tanzanite Pair - 40.00 ct
From 1.228.560,00 Kč
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