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Sphene is a rare collector's stone famed for its high refractive index and exceptional fire. Colors range from orange and brown to yellow and green, with colorful flashes of a rainbow of hues.
How much is sphene worth? The value of natural sphene varies depending on size, quality and color.

Sphene - 18.64 ct
From 309.840,00 Kč
Sphene - 10.42 ct
From 217.200,00 Kč
Sphene - 7.46 ct
From 175.440,00 Kč
Sphene - 6.51 ct
From 147.120,00 Kč
Sphene - 5.68 ct
From 129.600,00 Kč
Sphene - 6.38 ct
From 124.320,00 Kč