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Ruby is the rarest and most valuable of all colored gemstones. Burma is the traditional source for fine ruby, but new material is mainly coming from Madagascar, Tanzania and Mozambique.
How much is ruby worth? The price you pay for natural ruby should be in direct relationship to the rarity and quality of the stone you are buying.

Mozambique Ruby - 6.02 ct
15.117.600,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.51 ct
From 668.160,00 Kč
Madagascar Ruby - 1.58 ct
From 528.000,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.26 ct
From 440.040,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.14 ct
From 419.760,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.08 ct
From 330.000,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.04 ct
From 312.840,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.10 ct
From 267.120,00 Kč
Burma Ruby - 1.32 ct
From 83.160,00 Kč
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