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18kt Rose Gold 23.29 ct Green Tourmaline Pendant

78.240,00 Kč

18kt Rose Gold 23.29 ct Green Tourmaline Pendant

Diamonds: Natural Diamonds
Carat Weight:0.488ctt
Cut: Round
Green Tourmaline: 100% Natural
Carat Weight: 23.29 ct
Cut: Emerald Cut (37.53x11.27x5.34mm)
Clarity: Very Good

Metal Type:Solid 18kt Rose Gold
Gold Weight (grams):3.712g

Pls Note: This is hand-made jewelry,

the gold weight and stone weight will have +/- 10% tolerance.

All of our jewellery is always handmade, it is custom made. Delivery time, unless otherwise stated, is approximately 2-3 weeks.